Transformation of emergency vehicles, emergency and technical services.

Emergency 2000 complying with the rules transforms a wide range of vehicles intended for the various areas of Emergency and technical services.

Perform transformations ambulance vehicles for both outpatient urgent patient transport, rescue, disaster, communications, coordination, veterinary and mobile workshops. Our technical specialists will advise you on the solution that best suits their needs.

We offer our customers the ability to customize inside and outside the vehicle.

List of changes:

  • Ambulances
    • Type A1
    • Type A2
    • Type B
    • Type C
    • Sanibox
    • 4x4
  • Communications
    • Mobile Coordination Center
    • Mobile Crisis Command Center
    • Light Advanced Command Center 
    • Vehicles PRM
  • Special vehicles
    • Vehicles for Disaster Management
    • Integrated Response Vehicle
  • Vehicle Workshop
  • Police Vehicles
  • Veterinary Vehicles
  • Fast Response Vehicles